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Testing Blog Category 3 – Flickr Plugin – List-posts Short Code

Posted: April 22, 2015 by Zakery Kates - Blog 3

This example is trivial, but sometimes I want to add a string directly after a variable which I have enclosed in quotes (for example when building a MySQL query) and wondered if there was a way to have the y be treated as though it were separate from the variable, without needing to separate it.

[flickr-stream imagecount=”12″ setid=”72157651675235558″]

Wdev4 Framework Version 1.10

With the release of WordPress 4.9, there were updates to jQuery This version of Wdev4 Framework addresses those updates and updates many of wdev4 framework’s jquery functions. Framework 1.11.4 Added jQuery Cookies plugin. Framework 1.10.1 Finally fixed how the aceIDE appears Framework 1.10.2 Finally a bug in the wordpress image output filter Framework 1.10.3 //

Wdev4 Framework Version 1.9

Images now have max-width and max-height built into them and put in Title Tags based on Alt. Optimizations for ACEide (height and on resize reheight) 1.9.2 Removed the max-height and overflow hidden on wordpress sidebar (bug, couldn’t see submenus) Added the auto max height and max width to featured images as well 1.9.5 – Gallery

Wdev4 Framework Version 1.8

New Instructional Videos for WordPress 4.7 Removed columns shortcode, now recommending “Genesis Columns Advanced” plugin

Version 1.7.8

Removed all modifications of the wpautop and filters. It’s now normal as WordPress intended it to be. Modified the Columns shortcode. Columns will float correctly as long as they’re wrapped in ‘s ex: 1.7.9 – updated the columns shortcode to be semantic on variable declaration – supporting php 7.0 1.7.10 – changed the social media

Version 1.7.5

Remove these filters (line 252): # Re-order the priority of the wpautop filter, wpautop now runs after shortcodes run #remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ); #add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ , 99); #add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘shortcode_unautop’,100 ); Version 1.7.6 removing the ‘remove_filter’ ended up messing with the shortcodes. This update adds that back, fixes the shortcodes and the events page


Fixed on issue with wdev4 framework manual page. if function_exists didn’t wrap function names in quotes. Caused an error in php 7 or above. Changed readmore to ‘false’ string


Added new more dynamic customized social icons – <?php echo rrssb_social_icons(); ?> list-posts shortcode now accepts “cat”

1.7.0 RC V4.0.1

fixed a bug w wp dashboard where if a custom post type had more than a 1,000 posts, it would incorrectly calculate how many posts there were. 1.7.0 RC V4.0.2 – flex-area on galleries.

1.7.0 RC V3

Many performance and stability updates. All added functionality should now be built into “modules” in the framework. Over the course of the next few updates, all functions will be transitioned to the “modules” method. Added “show current template” functionality. 1.7.0 RC V3.1 fixed an issue w/ the maxwidth image script (return false has been removed)

Framework Version 1.7

Removed: wdev4_site_info/wdev4_manual_functions.php Added Customizability to the Website Manual Added: /* WEBSITE MANUAL */ /* Add a custom tab for the Website Manual Section */ function custom_website_instructions_for_manual() { return false; } /* Add a custom tab for PASSCODES */ function passwords_custom_website_instructions_for_manual() { return false; } REVAMPED SHORTCODE: Added to the “list-posts” shortcode: Can now have a


Removed the comment from Columns shortcode, which was causing empty paragraph tags in WordPress. Added to the single.php content function to check if there’s a gallery in the content before auto-showing the featured image. Added Paragraph Tags to the List Posts Shortcode

Version 1.7 In Development

jQuery UI Integration   Minor Tweaks: Spans are no longer removed in the_content On WP Login page, the logo when clicked goes to the website’s home page.

Version 1.6 RC v4

Temporary Hack to make the MaxWidth Image jQuery Script not to ever define a max-width to 0. Max Width Image jQuery Script still not working on Chrome for iOS.

Version 1.6 RC – Update to BUTTON Shortcode – Added [List-Posts] Shortcode!

Rearranged the Site Manual. Supports multi pages now. Replaced old Site Manual Icon w/ Native WordPress Icon. Update to Button Shortcode. Color attribute now attributes to the font color. Added a Class and Background attribute. Columns Shortcode now supports style attribute. List Posts Shortcode By default this shortcode will list out all posts in an

Version 1.5 – Columns Shortcode Added – Responsive Native WordPress Gallery Shortcode

Made Button CSS for shortcode: “wdev4-button” Made shortcode for “flex” makes a flex box wrapper around elements with flex-flow= row wrap Columns Shortcode Created Put “first” in the first column to clear the left, or use the “clear” shortcode following your columns Supports Padding Supports Background Supports Color one-half one-third one-fourth two-thirds three-fourths Responsive Native WordPress

Version 1.4.6

Responsive iFrames for all! class=”responsive-iframe”

Version 1.4.5

Added “wdev4-” to all enqueue scripts and styles Changed wp_enqueue_scripts action’s priority from 9 to 20 to increase compatibility w/other sites.

Version 1.4.3

Moved standard scripts.js to be the last jquery script file called Added a new function to have fancybox work on pdfs. add class=”fancybox-pdf”

Version 1.4.1

Added WP Responsive CSS to the Framework Added “wdev4_” to the “custom_sizes” function in functions.php file for capability issues w/ other themes.

Version 1.3.0

remove Normalize.css from the site’s BASE from any version 1.2.1 and below – Move to CHILD theme Added jQuery function: assign_largest_height_to_all(‘section.two-column article’); RESPONSIVE IMAGES IMPROVEMENT: Fixed a bug where the Responsive CSS was not being applied to the caption because it had a width on it, this width is being removed now. Created function to

Version 1.2.1

Released all dependency on the parent theme for executing enqueue scripts – Added an order of when the add_action executes

Version 1.2.0

Website Manual Completely Redesigned Website Manual Originating Website Manual Source lives in the Parent Theme Created a new ACTION to put in new wordpress manual VIDEOS Created a new ACTION to put in new wordpress manual TABS and CONTENT for tabs Removed from CHILD/functions.php: Remove all inc/manual.php references Deleted Files: CHILD/inc/manual.php New Function: load functions

Version 1.1

Added a new standard_lightbox (FancyBox 2) (Lightbox for galleries, individual images, and videos) – Use class=”fancybox” for groups of images give a group id through this attribute: data-fancybox-group Added a new function to build automatic galleries within wordpress REMOVE – old lightbox native gallery plugin Removed Pink Highlighter Removed Simple Edge in theme name and

Version 1.0.2

Compatibility Issues in functions.php resolved UPGRADE PROCESS: Enqueue all scripts (delete old from header) ‘template_url’ to ‘stylesheet_directory’ put in the site_by() function Add the Constant Variables for Theme Directory and Stylesheet Directory Update the Manual Url to use the manual in the custom theme Custom Login function should be deleted in CHILD theme, custom-login.css should

Version 1.0.1

Moved short codes to css/standard-scripts.css Moved normalize css to css/normalize.css

Version 1.0 Release

ENABLED A BASE THEME – ALL THEMES NOW HAVE A PARENT THEME, AND A CHILD THEME All functions.php: Counts Custom Post Types in the Dashboard Header info Enqueue all scripts and styles post thumbnail and automatic-feed-links support default main nav menu support shortcode: field shortcode: clear shortcode: button default website manual default admin area text

Version 0.9.6 – Pending Version

Footer.php – For responsive sites, set the max-width of all images with in the div “page-content”. $(‘.page-content img’).each( function() {}); Functions.php – Added a function to include custom post types in the “At A Glance” section on WordPress’s Dashboard Functions.php – Adding a custom image size to the Media Library Options Single.php – Posts now

Version 0.9.5 – WordPress 3.9.1

Archive.php – has “Blog: Cat Title” Search.php – has “Searching for…” Functions.php – Enqueues Functions.php – CSS: Box-Sizing: Border-Box Functions.php – SHORTCODE: Custom Field for ‘field name=””‘ Functions.php – SHORTCODE: Clear Functions.php – SHORTCODE: Buttons (color, target, title, and link) Functions.php – SHORTCODE: Fifty Functions.php – Supports Featured Images Functions.php – Thumbnail Size Declaration

Version 0.9.0 – WordPress 3.6

Theme Options Page Wordpress “Site Manual” – W/ Custom Videos $mobile sniffer (mobile = 1 = mobile, mobile = 2 = android,ipad,playbook)