Framework Features

Framework Features

You can put any examples into a test page of your site and see how they work.


Clear Floated Elements


Button Shortcode

[button text=”Click Me!” url=”” background=”#EB3643″ color=”#fff” target=”_blank” class=”your-class”]

Columns Shortcode

[columns one-half padding=”10px” background=”blue” color=”white” style=”font-style: italic;”]Test Content

another paragraph

hello world![/columns]

[columns one-fourth padding=”10px” background=”green”]Test Content

hello world!



[columns one-fourth padding=”10px” background=” purple” ]Test Content[/columns]

List Posts Shortcode

By default this shortcode will list out all posts in an Unordered List with links to the full post.


  • Show Articles: layout=”articles”
  • Remove Readmore from articles: readmore=”false”
  • Control how many posts are shown: showposts=”5″
  • Change the Post Type: posttype=”wp_theme_history”
  • Specify a Category: category=”15″
  • Display full content: fullcontent=”true”

[list-posts ]
[list-posts category=”15″ layout=”nolink”]
[list-posts layout=”articles” showposts=”5″ posttype=”wp_theme_history” readmore=”false” fullcontent=”true”]

jQuery Features

Add a lightbox to any image by adding a link to the image with the class of fancybox.

<a class=”fancybox” href=”×990.jpg”><img src=”×150.jpg” /></a>

You can make a gallery of images by adding data-fancybox-group=”unique-gallery-id” to each of the images’ links.


<a class=”fancybox” data-fancybox-group=”wdev4-gallery-1″┬áhref=”×990.jpg”><img src=”×150.jpg” /></a>

<a class=”fancybox” data-fancybox-group=”wdev4-gallery-1″ href=”×990.jpg”><img src=”×150.jpg” /></a>

Lightbox for Pop Up Videos – Add a class of fancybox-media to the link to the video.

<a class=”fancybox-media” title=”Star Wars Trailer” href=”″>Star Wars Trailer</a>


[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]1/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns][columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]2/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns][columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]3/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns][columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]4/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns][clear]

[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]1/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns]

[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]2/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns]

[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]3/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns]

[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-fourth”]4/4 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns]

[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-half”]1/2 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns]

[columns class=”wdev4-columns one-half”]2/2 INSERT_TEXT_HERE[/columns]

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