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nithaa4--527x750I am passionate about people developing more of a global and connected mindset and easily being able to connect with people from other backgrounds and experience different cultures easily. Even though Chicago is culturally diverse city, I was having a hard time myself identifying and learning about activities that are going on around the city in different communities. There are too many silos separated throughout the city, but, I have a feeling that many people love to immerse more in other communities throughout the year more than an occasional popular festival, but, as a regular way of life. I feel they are able to do that more freely in Europe but, not so much in the USA, especially in the Midwest where communities are more geographically separated. I also know that when I organized events, it was hard for me get the word out to different communities to people from different backgrounds outside of my immediate friend circle. So, this app is important for both the individual and event organizers to be able to connect with different audiences and cultures and feel a sense of community and belonging.

First it’s very good to be able to one better understand one another in a big city and increasingly global world. It’s important in order to communicate and work together. It also opens up a wider world for both socializing and exploration as well as introduction to new lifestyles or aspects that one could incorporate to their lives. Also it has business implications to be able to understand more cultures means an increased ability to do business with a wider market. Plus, research that I and others have done has shown the direct connection between exposure to foreign cultures and positive impact on levels of creativity. So, there is an inherent benefit to this cultural discover as well.

I am a product of being brought up and living in different cultures. I was born in the UK and raised in the USA. My parents are from South India.. so, I was brought up with a very Indian upbringing in the USA. Growing up I had to constantly frame shift or shift my mind to operate in an American setting in school situations and Indian framework at home and social settings. This was challenging and also was a good skill that I developed. It was very helpful for me when I met people from other countries, the connection just seemed easier.. and it was exciting for me to meet people from all over. I did study abroad in the UK and travelled with my family to many different countries around the world in Europe and Caribbean and South America and of course to India many times. I also have sought out opportunities to travel for work and often created projects to do so, working on management projects in Germany, India, and UK as well as import export consultant for a tungsten carbide company based in Chicago took me to travels to India and Brazil. I am hoping my work will continue to allow me to and require me to travel abroad. Wherever I am, I also like to travel to different cultures within the cities.. such as in Chicago, London, Mumbai.. I love to experience Italy, Greece, Middle East within these countries with the communities that have settled there. This blended culture experience is the one that I have grown up with and enjoy most. This is what I am hoping to achieve by this web app project/tool.