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Ângela Ferreira: Zip Zap and Zumbi

Dec. 10th 11:00am - 7:00pmFreeCultures: BrazilianTypes: ArtCulture, DiscussionRegister Now

Born in Mozambique in 1958, Ângela Ferreira studied in South Africa and has since the early 1990s divided her time between Portugal and South Africa. “The work evokes the memory and power of the escapee slave communities in Brazil through the image of its most charismatic leader- Zumbi dos Palmares.”

Ângela Ferreira’s solo-exhibition will be at the DePaul Art Museum. Her art installation is also part of Chicago’s Architecture Biennial. This exhibit examines traditional African and Brazilian architecture in the slave markets. From September 7-December 10th you can come and learn about her work. A short live performance with the artist will also be held on opening night September 7th at 7PM with songs from Jorge Ben Jor’s “Zumbi”

Location: DePaul Art Museum, West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States