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Mediafly for Marketers

Ensure that your sellers make the most of each customer touch. They need compelling materials while you need to know what content is impactful. How do you distribute the right piece of content to sales reps at the right time?

Marketing’s Challenges

As content continually grows in organizations, it is increasingly difficult for sales reps to find and personalize it. Marketing needs to deliver compelling content while understanding its usage.

Create and Distribute Content

Creating interactive content and getting to sales reps efficiently

Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensuring that sales reps convey your message while staying on brand

Convert Opportunities

Giving sales reps the right content to make the most of their customer interactions

Align with Sales

Offering insight into what materials are being used by sales and optimizing that content based on usage

How Mediafly Helps Marketers

Our Evolved Selling solution transforms how your organization manages sales content while maintaining your brand’s story and identity.

With our solution you can:

  • Create a centralized location for sales-ready materials
  • Maintain your brand’s look and feel
  • Offer personalizable content that drives dynamic conversations with customers
  • Analyze content usage and assess effectiveness against revenue
  • Control content distribution and customization level offered

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